Equip Season

Equipping believers for the work of ministry

God has called the people in church to be equipped for the work of ministry and therefore we value your spiritual growth when it comes to being confident and competent ministers of the Gospel.

Join us for 6 Tuesdays from 23 July to 27 Aug as we gather to be equipped for the work of ministry.
This year we are hosting Equip Season in two locations.

East: Every Nation Park
South: New Bridge Academy - Highveld

To see which trainings are hosted click on the module you want to attend below to register for your preferred location.
The training cost includes all the resources, coffee & a light dinner throughout the duration of the course. By registering for Equip Season you are investing in your spiritual growth.

Wholeness 1 & 2 Course: R550

Wholeness 3 Course: R750

All other modules: R500
Select from the following courses. Your 1st step is Equip One, if you have completed Step 1, select any of the other courses under Step 2.

Step 1: Equip one

Equip One is our foundational course that will equip you to be an effective disciple of Jesus. This course will grow your confidence and boldness to make disciples. It will clarify how to disciple people to have a lasting effect in their lives and will empower you to effectively minister and equip others to become disciples of Jesus.

Step 2: 

This course covers the different approaches to presenting the Christian faith. It aims to highlight the importance of a defence for Christianity, and to equip the student to integrate apologetics into both evangelism and everyday encounters.

Step 2: 
Gospel Centred Living

This course is designed to show how the Gospel creates lasting change by destroying idols and replacing them with a new heart motivation. It teaches every believer how to apply the Gospel to any circumstance that in turn brings freedom and not religious bondage.

Step 2:

This course is designed to help the student understand the Person and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the disciples, to be able to move and minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the preaching of the gospel and the edification of the church, as well as to honour and cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit to be in step with Him as He leads us in co-labouring with Christ.

Step 2: 

This course will provide the student with a general overview of each Old Testament book. It aims to give the student a grasp of the chronological development of the redemption story, and an understanding of the Old Testament’s central theological themes.

Step 2: 
Prophetic Training

This course will provide the student with an overview of the prophetic gift and ministry. The sessions endeavour to teach every attendee how to discern God’s voice and prophetically minister to others.

Step 2: 
Wholeness COURSE 1

Open to all.

This course is all about understanding ourselves from a spiritual, psychological, emotional and behavioural aspect. Why we think, feel and behave the way we do, and how our story belongs to a much bigger God-story. The aim is to equip you with tools that will help you grow closer in your relationship with Him.

Step 2: 
Wholeness COURSE 2 (Wholeness Model)

Prerequisite: Wholeness 1

The Wholeness Model is a course geared to aid those who have a heart for helping people with very practical tools, to aid them in pointing people back to a right relationship with God. This course is suitable for all who find themselves having regular pastoral/discipleship conversations with people in their churches or local community, albeit with a once-off coffee cup conversation or more formal pastoral care. Our hope is to equip you with a framework that will help make those conversations, impactful and life-changing.

Step 2: 
Wholeness COURSE 3 (Counseling Skills)

Prerequisite: Wholeness Course & Wholeness Model

This course is designed to equip volunteers with advanced skills needed in our counseling ministry. It is necessary for those wishing to become Lay Counselors.